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Newsubstance Opening Ceremony and Show Design

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NEWSUBSTANCE is a UK based studio who imagine, design, build and perform for the global entertainment industry.

We have over 15 years experience in realising brave and ambitious projects all over the world helping clients image the most creative ways to communicate with their audience. We occupy a space where design meets drama, yielding creativity to challenge, engage and amaze its audience. Whether it is a bespoke commission, developing creative or pure fabrication we build from a strong performance point of view and engineering perspective propelled by the principle that every aspect of our work has to perform.

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Imagined, Designed and Built in Leeds, UK – returning to California, USA

Wind back to this time in 2018. Can you remember where you were and what you were doing? Our team remember January 2018 vividly. They were very busy putting the finishing touches to our immersive installation Spectra, before its maiden voyage to California.

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Here's an early sketch of the huge Falcon structure we built and flew past the grandstand, suspended under a helicopter for the #dubaiworldcup. #dubai #worldcup #dubaiworldcup #design #horseracing #falcon #bigstructures #newsubstance https://t.co/Cw9RIkYkUC

The magic behind (and below) the effect. When we made the desert green for the European Games in Baku the effect was beautifully analogue, but with a very technical and digital solution driving the effect. ------- #grass #automation #analogue #digital #workshop https://t.co/VN7dQZTDkL

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