Bestival Closing Ceremony

Designing and executing an LED ballon cloud for the Bestival finale

The Brief

NEWSUBSTANCE were invited by Bestival’s creative team to concept up an aerial light structure to compliment their Festival Finale.

Event Statistics

Now in its eighth year with an audience of over 50,000, Bestival is a major player on the UK festival scene. Colourful and performance art driven it has built a reputation on creativity and imagination matching the quality of the music offering.

— Client

Bestival / Rob Da Bank

— Location

Dorset, UK

The Outcome

NEWSUBSTANCE designed and delivered a cloud structure assembled from over 300 1m, helium filled weather balloons. Each balloon carried pre-programmed LED lights inside allowing for a full sequence through a number of states. Floating over the crowd this beautiful, light cloud was a fantastic addition to the finale performance.