Secret Garden Party

Dropping 5000 Falling Stars over the festival's 'Gardeners'

The Brief

NEWSUBSTANCE approached the Secret Garden Party (SGP) with our Falling Stars product to offer them an innovative branding/communications solution to promote next year’s Festival whilst complimenting their Saturday night Spectacle.

Event Statistics

5000 units – including 200 golden tickets for 2015 – were dropped from c.800ft over some 30,000 ‘Gardeners’.

— Client

Secret Productions

— Location

Cambridgeshire, UK

The Outcome

The LED and associated synthetic ‘sycamore’ wing was developed to reduce mass and increase aerodynamics as they were dispensed. In partnership with R5 Air Displays and the welcome co-operation of the CAA General Aviation Unit (GAU) a series of drop trials were conducted in conjunction with specialised pilot training.

NEWSUBSTANCE then worked closely with SGP’s Non-Musical Entertainment team to design the most effective execution to suit the site and compliment the wider Spectacle creative. Using a Powered Paraglider (PPG) flown by our specially trained pilot, 5000 Falling Stars were deployed from c.800ft spinning gently down over the crowd to stunning effect as the finale to the Saturday night Spectacle.

NEWSUBSTANCE made a small piece of UK aviation history at the Secret Garden Party Festival as the first people ever to be granted permission to fly PPG’s at night and drop articles. All in all it was a huge success with both  ‘Gardeners’ and Festival organisers alike.

Falling Stars was a smash hit at this year’s Festival. I was torn between watching the stars spin magically to the ground and watching the amazing reaction of Gardeners all around me. NEWSUBSTANCE delivered an extraordinary piece and we’re delighted that together we made a little piece of history.

Freddie Fellows, Festival Director for The Secret Garden Party

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